Your Plain English Guide To Real Estate Terms

Important Terms You’ll Hear Your Real Estate Agent Use
There’s a lot to know when you’re buying real estate. This high-ticket purchase could be the largest investment you ever make. You can’t afford to let things get lost in translation, especially […]

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Why people are building more homes

A surge in supply
New home construction may finally be picking up. And if word from the National Association of Home Builders is any indication, it could alleviate the housing shortage and improve conditions for first-time buyers.
The construction cooldown
According to Robert […]

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What is a HELOCs and what do they do?

Remodeling’s the reason
Home renovations are the No. 1 reason homeowners take out HELOCs – or Home Equity Lines of Credit, but that doesn’t mean they’re popular by any means. In fact, according to a new survey from TD Bank, the […]

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Millennial home buyers

Selling a home? Know most popular buyer names
If you’re selling a home, do you wonder which generation has the most active buyers today? The answer may lie in the most popular names of current homebuyers.

A new report shows that buyers […]

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